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Annual Report

Annual Report Fiscal Year 2014

The Regional Water Authority’s 2014 annual report focuses on the journey the Regional Water Authority has taken as it has navigated through financial challenges and developed a new strategic plan for fiscal years 2015 through 2020. The development of this new strategic plan involved employees at all levels of the RWA and is the Authority's roadmap to take the organization from its mission to its vision of being best in class as a provider of water and related services. It guides everything the RWA does - from improving the Authority's reputation, to growing and maintaining its highly qualified and flexible workforce, to financial decisions, to management of its infrastructure and assets, to protecting its sources of supply and watershed land.

The plan is designed to be a living, breathing document, guiding the RWA to providing better customer service, being a better place to work for employees, becoming financially stronger and operating more efficiently. The new plan will allow the Authority to "Tap the Possibilities" of its bright future through the collective involvement of all its employees.


RWA AR 2014 Cover CopyAnnual Report Fiscal Year 2014 

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