Our water system, first conceived by Eli Whitney, Jr. in 1849, is a marvel of engineering and civic gumption. Today, performed by a workforce of 250 people, the work done at the Authority encompasses a broad range of disciplines. We rely daily upon this group of outstanding employees who are responsible for producing high-quality water.

From the 48 million gallons of water supplied per day to some 430,000 consumers, to the more than 27,000 acres of land we protect, we are proud of the Authority’s contributions to the communities we serve. In light of annual investments in the capital infrastructure that delivers water through more than 1,690 miles of interconnected water mains and our role as one of the larger employers in Greater New Haven, we accept our responsibilities as a leader in this community. It is a privilege and a responsibility to be one of the few organizations with the opportunity to touch so many lives on a daily basis. We are proud of our efforts to serve the region. 

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