Corporate Giving

The South Central Connecticut Regional Water Authority (Authority) receives many requests from worthy organizations within and outside of the Water District for support that include monetary gifts, in-kind services, obsolete equipment, and participation on governing boards. The missions of these organizations have merit and are worthwhile. In the ideal world, all of them would receive some level of Authority support. However, since the Authority has limited resources for donations and other support, the following guidelines serve as a blueprint for determining which organizations will be selected to receive Authority contributions.

The Authority will contribute to governmental and non-governmental not-for-profit organizations which sponsor activities within the Water District that have a relationship to the Authority’s mission: To provide high-quality water and services at a reasonable cost to the residences and businesses in south central Connecticut and, consistent with that purpose, promoting the preservation of watershed land and aquifers.

Requesting organizations will be considered for contributions if their activities are specifically involved with Open Space/Watershed Protection, Healthy Living as it relates to drinking water, and Environmental Education. Because the Authority has limited resources, the budgeted amount for donations and other support will be determined on an annual basis. As such the Authority will usually refrain from making multi-year commitments.

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