For emergencies, please call 203-562-4020
For emergencies, please call203-562-4020



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If a drinking water emergency strikes your area, be prepared for a phone call from the South Central Connecticut Regional Water Authority’s emergency notification system. This system, called CodeRED, allows us to quickly reach residents using telephone communication.

CodeRED allows RWA officials to deliver a prerecorded, tailored message, to either an entire community or a select portion of a city, advising residents about a drinking water emergency and actions you can take to lessen the impact.

The CodeRED telephone databases are the listings that are in the local printed telephone directories. We encourage our customers to register cell phones or unlisted phone numbers to be notified in case of a water emergency.

Even if you live in a community that already uses CodeRED, we encourage all customers to enroll so you can get messages specific to your dirnking water.

Register your name, address and phones number(s) to make sure you are not left off the drinking water emergency list. All numbers will remain confidential and will be used only to communicate drinking water emergency information.

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