Homeowner Responsibilities

Once water has been treated, we deliver it to your home. Our network of water mains, pipes, pumping stations and water tanks is designed to meet your needs on even the hottest summer day. Most of our region’s water delivery system is buried underground.

Who’s Responsible for What?

The Regional Water Authority is responsible for the maintenance of the portion of the water service from the water main in the street to the curb valve in front on your home. If a problem develops in our part of the system, we will fix it. If a leak or break occurs between your house and the curb valve, then it is your responsibility to fix it. To clarify who owns what pipes, valves and equipment that supply water, here’s a list of who is responsible.

Please download a pdf which includes a diagram to accompany the description below.

RWA Responsibility

  • Remote receptacle: A small box mounted on the exterior of your house which allows us to get meter readings without entering the premise.
  • Water Mains: More than 1,500 miles of water mains that carry water to customers’ taps.
  • Service Connection: We maintain the part of the pipe that runs from the water main to the curb valve in front of your home.
  • Curb Valve: Located underground, this is the valve that controls flow of water to the curb valve in front of your home/building. RWA maintains the curb valve.

Homeowner Responsibility

  • Curb Box and its Cover:* Protects the curb valve. The cover should be tightly secured and flush with the ground.
  • Service Line: Pipe that runs between the curb box and your home/building.
  • Cellar Wall Valve: Inside home/building, this valve turns the water on or off.
  • Meter Vault and Cover:* Protects the meter and piping. The cover should be tightly secured and flush with the ground.
  • Water Meter: Records amount of water used inside the home/building. Although owned by RWA, you are responsible for damages caused by freezing, hot water, vandalism or other external sources.

*The Authority has the right to charge accounts to correct dangerous conditions related to curb boxes and/or meter vaults.

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