The South Central Connecticut Regional Water Authority has a long history of caring for natural environments. Now after more than 30 years, we are more aware than ever that our operation – how we do business – influences the quality of and commitment to those natural environments. From the preservation of land, to watershed inspections, to providing 50 million gallons of water per day, we are dedicated to being a responsible corporate citizen and environmental leader.

Our mission at the Authority is to provide a reliable supply of high-quality water at a reasonable cost today and for future generations while promoting the preservation of watershed land and aquifers. We provide water to almost 500,000 consumers. We own and protect more than 27,000 acres of land and have 60-plus miles of recreation trails spanning 13 municipalities in Greater New Haven.

To us, sustainability is intertwined with economic development and the provision of water. It is also an approach that adds value, keeps citizens in mind and creates benefits for the region and the environment. Practically speaking, we have no choice. To fulfill our mission, we need water and the environment.

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