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For emergencies, please call203-562-4020

Recreation Photo Contest

Our recreation areas are rich with opportunities for both amateur and professional photographers. Each year we conduct a photo contest for our recreation permit holders, looking for the best photographs taken at RWA recreation areas by you, our permit holders. Bring along your camera while hiking, biking or fishing, and snap away!

The contest has five categories: Wildlife, Plants, Water Scenes, General Scenes and, new for 2017, a Youth category. Each category has up to four finalists. All finalists are invited to attend the Annual Meeting where the winners are announced. The winner in each category receives a $100 gift certificate; the other finalists in each category each receive a $20 gift certificate

2017 Contest Rules and Entry Form                 Youth Agreement Form

Below are the winning photographs in each category along with the three finalists for 2016. 


Wl5w Ron Guerrucci

Ron Guerricci

Wl4f Lois Main 

Lois Main

Wl8f Gina Nichol

Gina Nichol

 Wl10f Edward Hammond

Edward Hammond


General Scenes

Ge10w Ron Guerrucci 

Ron Guerrucci

 Ge5f Matt Eigner

Matt Eigner

 Ge8f Lois Main

Lois Main


Ge16f Shannon Brighenti

Shannon Brighenti


People Recreating

 Pe3w Ron Guerrucci

Ron Guerrucci

 Pe2f Mark Levine

Mark Levine

 Pe4f John Korn

John Korn

 Pe5f Scott Swarney

Scott Swarney



Pl4w Ron Guerrucci 

Ron Guerrucci

 Pl1f Matt Eigner

Matt Eigner

 Pl3f Lois Main

Lois Main

Pl6f Edward Hammond

Edward Hammond


Water Scenes

 Wa4w Lois Main

Lois Main

Wa2f Bill Hoikala

Bill Hoikala

Wa6f Mark Levine Mark Levine

Wa7f Ron Guerrucci 

Ron Guerrucci