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Conscious Capitalism

At the Regional Water Authority (RWA), we believe the life-sustaining properties of water determine the vitality of a community. We acknowledge that our responsibility to the New Haven region goes well beyond the technical aspect of delivering quality water to our customers and includes the overall well-being and health of our community: physically, emotionally and even economically.

We take this holistic responsibility to the region very seriously and through our FY2015-FY2020 Strategic Planning have identified that the Authority’s higher purpose is to deliver water for life and ensure the region is well-positioned to maintain its abundant water supply and leverage it as a source of growth, opportunity and vitality for all stakeholders in the region.

By defining why we do what we do and operating more consciously on that vision, we believe that we can elevate ourselves and our business integrity to become even more aligned with Conscious Capitalism.

The tenets of Conscious Capitalism are enabling us to become financially stronger, increase employee engagement, improve customer service and efficiency, and elevate the workplace to be more creative and innovative. Shifting our paradigm played a significant role in earning the RWA the 2015 Utility of the Year Award from the New England Water Works Association and the Platinum Award for Utility Excellence from the Association of Metropolitan Water Agencies. Conscious Capitalism has facilitated several qualitative successes including:

For more information on Connecticut's developing Conscious Capitalism Chapter, or to become a member, email Larry Bingaman, RWA President and CEO, at or call 203-401-2728.


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