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President's Perspective

Adding Value Through Values Posted on September 1, 2016

At the Regional Water Authority (RWA), we have a direct responsibility for the quality of the water that flows from the tap.  We recognize the tremendous responsibility – and opportunity – we have to make a positive impact on our region.

From our earliest days, we have been motivated to play a larger role in the New Haven region because we have believed that we are part of the greater community.  That belief is guided by our company’s values of Service, Teamwork, Accountability, Respect and Safety (STARS).

They are the standards by which we strive to conduct our daily business, work with our colleagues and interact with our customers and communities.  These tenets drive us in our efforts to operate as a team in a spirit of mutual trust and openness… in our steadfastness to ethics, integrity and doing the right thing… in our commitment to diversity, inclusion and respect… and, in our pledge to maintain a safe workforce where safety is owned by every employee.                     

Just as important, our STARS values permit us to embed the theory of Conscious Capitalism, a business practice that recognizes the innate potential to make a positive impact on the world, into everything we do.  At our core, the RWA is an innovative water utility that sustains life, strengthens our communities and protects resources for future generations.

By living our values through our actions, we are doing more and enabling the RWA to increase employee engagement and elevate the workplace to be more creative and inventive, improve efficiency and customer service, and become financially stronger.  As a result, we are advancing our higher purpose commitments to our employees, customers and communities, and benefiting our organization as a whole.

Our ambition is simple yet bold… to make a positive impact for the New Haven region.  And, more than ever, our story involves the commitment to operate and innovate with the greater good as our guide.

I invite you to join the conversation.  Tell us how your business is living its values and serving a higher purpose.

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