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Advanced Metering Infrastructure

Introducing Advanced Water Metering Infrastructure

The Regional Water Authority (RWA) is excited to introduce its Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) program. Over the next three years, we will deploy the water industry's latest meter reading technology to every customer in our 15-town service area. This technology will allow us to read water meters remotely and transmit the information back to our offices electronically with a secure connection. And once the system is in place, we will be able to introduce new tools to help you understand your water usage and manage your water bills.

The South Central Connecticut Regional Water Authority received a Drinking Water State Revolving Fund Subsidized Loan. The implementation of the Advanced Metering Infrastructure is financed by the Drinking Water State Revolving Fund (DWSRF) in the amount of $8,400,000. The DWSRF program is administered by the Department of Public Health (DPH) with joint funding from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the State of Connecticut. This project will offer many benefits to RWA customers including highly accurate data collection. For more information on the benefits to the customer please continue reading below. DWSRF programs operate around the country to provide states and communities a low-cost financing alternative to maintain and improve the infrastructure that protects our valuable public drinking water resources nationwide. For more information on the DWSRF please visit the DPH’s DWSRF website.

New Technology

The AMI technology allows the RWA to transition from a manual water meter reading system to a system with automatic meter reading capabilities, providing more accurate and timely water usage information to assist you and us in managing water use efficiently. It will also enable us to identify leaks on service lines more quickly. AMI technology is safe, secure and is already being used by the state’s electric and natural gas utilities.

AMI Benefits:

The new advanced meter reading devices will be installed by the RWA’s contractor, Contract Callers, Inc. (CCI). Installation involves attaching a new small device to your existing water meter, or in some cases, we may need to install a new water meter to ensure compatibility with the meter reading device. CCI and the RWA will send out a series of letters to introduce the system and to help you make an appointment for installation, if it is necessary.

Data Security/Privacy:


 Introducing Advanced Metering Infrastructure Brochure




The letter below will be mailed one month prior to installation of your automated metering device.

Introducing Advanced Metering Devices
Presentamos dispositivos de lectura de medidores de avanzada 


If your water meter needs to be changed as part of this system upgrade, you will receive the letter below about 14 days prior to installation. This letter asks you to make an appointment with CCI, Inc. You can call the number listed in the letter or go to the CCI, Inc. website ( and click on "Live Chat" to make an appointment.

Introducing Advanced Metering Devices (14 Day Letter)
Presentamos dispositivos de lectura de medidores de avanzada (14 Day Letter)


If you have not contacted our installer to make an appointment to have the new meter reading device installed, you will receive this letter. Call for your appointment or go to CCI, Inc. and click on "Live Chat."

Please Call for Your Appointment
Comuniqese para programar un turno


If you do not call our installer to make an appointment, you will receive a final notice from the RWA.

RWA Final Notice
RWA Ultimo Aviso


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