For emergencies, please call 203-562-4020
For emergencies, please call203-562-4020

The Watershed Fund

One of the greatest legacies we can leave for future generations is clean, safe drinking water. To do this we need to protect the water at its source. This is why the South Central Connecticut Regional Water Authority created The Watershed Fund in 1999 and remains the driving force behind its mission. That mission is to protect water quality by acquiring watershed land and promoting environmental education.

Watershed Fund

The Watershed Fund recognizes that land use choices are important decisions confronting many towns and individuals across the region. Working in partnership with other entities, the Fund strives to enhance our environment and improve our quality of life by protecting drinking water supplies and threatened watershed lands.

The education programs and scholarships supported by The Watershed Fund provide our future decision makers with the tools to preserve and protect open space and drinking water supply resources. The list of environmental education grants is long and diverse. The scope of these programs spans our region.

The Watershed Fund is the recipient of the proceeds of an annual golf tournament that employees of the Regional Water Authority sponsor. The funds are used for the renewable scholarship program that has grown each year.