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Water Supply Status

The level of water in reservoirs rises and falls throughout the year. Reservoirs are at their highest levels in the spring when they fill with rain and snowmelt. That water is used throughout the summer and early fall. Water levels begin to rise again in November when leaves are off the trees and people are using less water outdoors. The RWA has records of water levels dating back almost 100 years, and we use that information to calculate a long term average for the amount of water in the reservoirs for each month.

 Water Supply Status as of May 31, 2019

Current Status:
Our reservoirs are at 99% of capacity.

Normal Status for Time of Year:
Reservoirs are usually at 93% of capacity.

Storage by System:

North Branford 99%
West River 100%
Saltonstall 100%
Whitney 100%

To make sure we have enough water for public health and fighting fires, we have a drought response plan based on the long term average. The drought response plan calls for specific actions that the RWA and consumers can take at each level. The RWA makes changes to its operations to increase the amount of water available and to save as much water as possible. As a drought becomes more serious, there will be requests to reduce water consumption at each level, starting with 10 percent at the Advisory Threshold and continuing to water rationing if we’re in a state of emergency. 

Drought Thresholds (Percent):

  Jan. Feb. Mar. Apr. May Jun. Jul. Aug. Sep. Oct. Nov. Dec.
Long Term Average 77 82 91 94 93 88 81 74 68 66 66 72
Advisory 54 61 65 65 66 62 55 48 43 39 43 48
Watch 45 50 58 58 58 54 48 41 35 32 34 41
Warning 38 42 50 50 51 46 40 33 27 24 25 33
Emergency 31 25 44 44 44 40 33 27 21 17 20 26


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