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How to Read Your Bill

Our goal is to provide you with an informative, detailed statement that helps you better understand your water use and how you are charged for it. Refer to the information in “How Your Bill Is Organized” while looking at the diagram below

If you need additional help understanding your bill, please contact us at 203-562-4020 or

How Your Bill Is Organized:


    1. Return Slip: This identifies your total charges and should be included when you mail in your payment.
    2. Billing Address: This is the address to which the bill is sent. That address may or may not be the same as the Service Address (#12).
    3. Account Number: Your nine-digit account number appears twice on your bill: on the return slip and on the bottom portion of the bill.
    4. Current Billing Information: This gives you the billing date and the period during which the water was used. It also provides your current meter reading and your water usage during the most recent billing period and your consumption for the same period last year.
    5. Payment History & Terms: This area provides information on your last payment and when it was received. It also provides the date by which the bill must be paid in order to avoid interest charges.
    6. Payment Due Date: Your payment must be received by the payment due date in order to avoid additional interest charges.
    7. Customer Information: This box provides information that might be useful to you.
    8. Voluntary Contribution to The Watershed Fund: You are invited to make a donation to The Watershed Fund, a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to protect water quality throughout the region by acquiring ecologically significant watershed land and by educating citizens as to how they can help preserve the environment and open space on watershed land.
    9. RWA Contact Information: The RWA's address and the phone number of the Customer Care Center.
    10. Amount Due: The total amount that you owe, including any unpaid previous balance.
    11. Remittance Address: The address to which to send your payment along with the return slip.
    12. Service Address: This is the address where the water was used. It may or may not be the same as the Billing Address (#2).
    13. Charges and Credits: This area provides the current status of your account including your previous balance (balance forward), the charge for water usage and the service charge and charges for PipeSafe Emergency Protection Water and/or Sewer/Septic Repair Plans if you are enrolled. Any credits you might have would also be shown in this box.
    14. Payment Locations: This area lists the locations where you can pay your bill in person.

The Charges on Your Water Bill:

There are a variety of fees identified on your bill. The following are typical charges you will find on your bill:

Service Charge:

Usage Charge: 

If you want to dispute a charge on your bill you should contact our Customer Care team at 203-562-4020 or email at

Information on the Back of Your Water Bill:

The back of your water bill contains important information about the charges on your bill, a note about employee identification, information on The Watershed Fund and what a residential customer should do if you have a dispute with your bill. The back of the bill also provides information on how to avoid having your water shut off for a past due balance if someone in your household is seriously ill.

Click here to see a PDF of the back of your water bill.

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