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Rates, Regulations & Responsibilities

The Regional Water Authority delivers water for life. We provide an essential service that people in our region cannot live without. Our performance and service each and every day matters. It matters 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It matters when you twist the faucet knob to fill that coffee pot with water in the morning or fill the tub in the evening to bathe a child before bedtime. It matters to your local fire department that goes out to battle a two-alarm house fire just after midnight and needs to pump 8,000 gallons of water a minute from a hydrant. It matters to the surgeons at our local hospitals, who scrub just before entering the operating room, or the runner quenching her thirst after a jog through her neighborhood.

Unlike other utilities, our service is consumed. Just like food, water requires special protection. Providing clean water to the homes and businesses that depend upon us everyday is much more than an opportunity -- it is a privilege and responsibility we take seriously.

Water rates reflect the cost and maintenance of the infrastructure and treatment of the water the Authority provides to our customers. Much of the water infrastructure we rely on today was installed after World War II, although some pipes in the ground date back to the late 1800s. The distribution system is a network of these pipes as well as water pumping stations and water storage tanks. All are carefully maintained to ensure the public water supply is available to customers around the clock, every day of the year. To learn more about how quality, care and value is delivered in every drop, click here.

The Authority’s drive for efficiency in operations helps keep rates as low as possible. The RWA has saved over $7 million by being more efficient in our capital projects program, refinancing our debt and making changes to the way we operate. We firmly believe that the water we provide is a bargain, costing less than a penny a gallon.

RWA and Homeowner Responsibilities: The Regional Water Authority is responsible for the maintenance of the portion of the water service from the water main in the street to the curb valve in front of your home. If a problem develops in our part of the system, we will fix it. If a leak or break occurs between your house and the curb valve, then it is your responsibility to fix it. To find out more about who owns what, take a look at this diagram.

The RWA adopted Rules and Regulations to ensure uniformity and fair practice to all customers consistent with the protection of the health and safety of the community we serve. The rules and regulations are intended to inform the public about the administrative procedures and technical requirements for obtaining connection to and maintaining service from the Authority’s water supply.

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