In the Community

We believe community involvement and education are critical to what we do. You can find our employees at neighborhood events, schools and festivals. We do this because we care about our community. By being involved in the community, we listen to concerns, answer questions and help people understand any issues involving water in their area.

Since 2015, our RWAter to Go Water Wagon has been a driver of our community outreach efforts to promote the quality and value of tap water. RWAter to Go is a mobile water fountain and bottle fill station that operates April through October.

Quick Facts about RWAter to Go:

  • The water wagon holds 375 gallons of water. The onboard stainless steel tank diverts 2,800 plastic bottles from the waste stream.
  • The water wagon has eight water fountains and eight bottle fill stations.
  • It is accessible to small children and people with disabilities.
  • The unit is powered by a generator or electricity.
  • The RWA provides cups at road races only.


* Please note that due to COVID-19 restrictions, the eight water fountains are currently closed. Please make sure to provide cups or reusable water bottles at your event. 


To request the RWAter to Go Water Wagon for your next event, review the criteria for use and then complete the reservation request form below. Requests must be received at least one month in advance of your requested date. Rain dates are not permitted.

Criteria for Use:

  • The event is held during the April to October time frame.
  • The requesting organization is a nonprofit or is staging an event for a nonprofit.
  • The event is open to the public, and a minimum attendance of 150 people is expected.
  • The event is more than two hours in length.
  • The site meets the RWA's Water Wagon requirements:
    • Located on a level surface
    • Easy access for tow vehicle
    • Adequate clearance around the Water Wagon for easy access to fountains/faucets
    • Relatively close to the main event activities

Request the Wagon:

Submit the form below at least one month in advance of your event. You will be notified if the RWAter to Go Wagon will attend your event. Please email Lori Vitagliano at with any questions.

Please note that a site assessment may be conducted before final confirmation of RWAter to Go's attendance at your event. The RWAter to Go program reserves the right to withdraw from an event at any time without compensation to the event or organization that has received confirmation of the Water Wagon.