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Preventing Frozen Pipes with the RWA For Immediate Release January 9, 2019

If you've ever had a pipe freeze in your house, you know that the cost to repair them can be hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Well we've got below freezing temps in the forecast and I've got some way that you can spend only a couple dollars that will help save you thousands.

"If the water turns off in your home and stops running, that's a good indicator that your pipes may be frozen. You may not notice them leaking until later when they defrost but you should act then and immediately turn them off and contact a certified plumber." Mentions Dan Doyle of the Regional Water Authority. "Water in a pipe when it gets cold enough can freeze and turn into ice. And ice of course expands and takes up more space than liquid water will. When it's in a confined space like a pipe that puts pressure on the outside and can cause it to crack or burst."


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