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Regional Water Authority Kicks Off National Drinking Water Week With “Quality On Tap” Celebration Of Local Businesses For Immediate Release May 6, 2019


The Greater New Haven region is famous for its pizza and is becoming well-known for its award-winning breweries. The Regional Water Authority (RWA) is kicking off National Drinking Water Week (May 5-11) with a reminder that you can’t make great pizza and beer without the foundation of great water. This week also begins the 170th Anniversary of the RWA serving Greater New Haven since 1849, when Eli Whitney II conceived the region’s water system.

The RWA recently visited Modern Apizza and East Rock Brewing Company in New Haven to learn more about how important the RWA’s water is to these local businesses. Owners of both companies reported to the RWA that if the water was not of such a high quality, their businesses would not have opened in this region, or at least would not have been able to produce such world-class products. Videos featuring Modern Apizza and East Rock Brewing Company owners highlighting the importance of high-quality water can be viewed on the RWA website.

As an environmental services company, the RWA maintains the high quality of its water using a multi-barrier approach that starts with protecting the natural environments from which the water is sourced. About 88 percent of the RWA’s water comes from 10 reservoirs. The remaining 12 percent comes from wells in Cheshire, Hamden, Derby and Seymour. All of these source waters are carefully maintained by a team of environmental specialists, who work to promote healthy forests, fight invasive species and ensure that waters are kept safe from pollution. Promoting a healthy environment around the RWA’s water sources allows for potential contaminants to be naturally filtered by trees and other plant life.

As a result of this sustainable filtration system, less work needs to be done at the RWA’s treatment plants to ensure the high-quality water delivered to the region is as pure and natural as possible. The natural quality of the RWA’s water is what makes it perfect for making pizza dough and brewing beer.

More information is available in the company’s annual Water Quality Report. The report, which was recently mailed to consumers, provides information about the sources of drinking water, shows water quality test results for 2018 and contains other important information about water and health. In addition to consumers receiving a printed copy of the report in the mail, it is also available on the RWA’s website.


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