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Water Science Mysteries

Water is pretty amazing stuff. To find out more about water, try some of these Water Science Mysteries. Each experiment uses things that you probably have around your house to show you some properties of water.


The Mystery of the Appearing Colors

Penelope started to draw a picture on a piece of paper with a black marker. What happened when she spilled some water on her picture?

The Mystery of the Layering Liquids

What happens when you pour salt water and fresh water into a clear cup? Will the liquids form layers or will they blend together?

The Warm and Cold Mystery

What happens when you put warm water into cold water and vice versa?

The Mystery of the Skating Water Strider

Have you ever seen a water strider skating on top of the water? Why doesn’t it fall in?

The Mystery of the 24-Hour Drip

A leaky faucet may get on your nerves, but it doesn’t waste very much water, right? Find out by doing this experiment.

The Rolling Ice Cube Mystery

What happens when you put an ice cube into warm water?

The Mini-Rainstorm Mystery

Every wonder where the water in rain clouds comes from? Try this experiment to find out.

The Mystery of Polliwog Pond

What happens to wildlife when a pond gets polluted?

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