About Us

Who we are
The South Central Connecticut Regional Water Authority is a non-profit public corporation. We own more than 27,000-acres of land and provide a wide array of recreational opportunities and water-related services. Through our Whitney Water Center, we offer hands-on water science programs to thousands of students annually.

On average, we supply 48 million gallons of water a day to a population of some 430,000 persons. We provide water and other services in all or portions of Ansonia, Bethany, Branford, Cheshire, Derby, East Haven, Hamden, Milford, New Haven, North Branford, North Haven, Orange, Seymour, West Haven and Woodbridge. We own land in Beacon Falls, Guilford, Killingworth, Madison, and Prospect.

There are two boards that govern our company:

The Regional Water Authority, a five-person board, functions as a board of directors. It oversees the adoption of annual operating and capital budgets and provides strategic direction.

The Representative Policy Board is composed of one representative from each of the 20 municipalities in our region plus one member appointed by the Governor of Connecticut. The chief elected official of each municipality appoints an individual to the Policy Board, who is confirmed by the municipality’s legislative body. The Board votes are weighted based on a formula that considers the number of customers and the amount of land that is owned in each municipality. No representative has more than 13 of the total 101 weighted votes on the Policy Board.

The Policy Board operates through three permanent committees—Finance, Land Use and Consumer Affairs. The duties of the Policy Board are to:

  • Appoint the five members to serve on the Regional Water Authority
  • Approve land sales, rate increases, bond sales and any capital project with a cost in excess of $2 million
  • Appoint the Office of Consumer Affairs as well as the external auditor
  • Ratify the appointment of the chief executive officer.

Our Leadership Team consists of:

Members of The South Central Connecticut Regional Water Authority
Chairperson Anthony DiSalvo
Vice Chairperson Joseph A. Cermola
Secretary-Treasurer Richard G. Bell
Board Member Gail F. Lieberman
Board Member R. Douglas Marsh


Members of the Representative Policy Board
Municipality Representative Votes
Ansonia  Thomas P. Clifford III, Vice Chairperson 3
Beacon Falls  Tanya Gutierro 0
Bethany  Alexandra Breslin 5
Branford  Mario Ricozzi 6
Cheshire  David J. Borowy 4
Derby  Barbara Dybas 2
East Haven  John E. Leary, Jr. 6
Guilford  Charles Havrda 4
Hamden  Stephen A. Mongillo 10
Killingworth  Richard W. Albrecht, Treasurer 2
Madison  Joseph A. Oslander 6
Milford  Kevin J. Curseaden, Chairperson 10
New Haven  Orest T. Dubno 13
North Branford  Jack Krasko 8
North Haven  Anthony P. Rescigno 5
Orange  Jasper J. Jaser 3
Prospect  Robert E. Harvey, Jr. 1
Seymour  Francis Conroy 1
West Haven  T. Gregory Malloy 8
Woodbridge  Mark Levine, Secretary 3
Governor’s Rep.  Vincent M. Marino 1
Executive Admin. Evelyn Yoder – Tel. 203-401-2515


Our Management
Larry L. Bingaman President & Chief Executive Officer
Donna DiGianvittorio Vice President, Employee Services
Linda Discepolo Vice President & Chief Financial Officer
Jean Zanella Dyer Vice President, Service & Technology
James J. Flynn Senior Manager, Treatment & Distribution
Rochelle Kowalski Controller
Edward O. Norris III Vice President, Asset Management


Consumer Counsel
The Representative Policy Board has established an Office of Consumer Affairs to act as the advocate for consumer interests with regard to matters such as rates, water quality and supply. The expenses of the Office of Consumer Affairs are paid by the Authority. Attorney Jeffrey M. Donofrio of North Haven is currently Consumer Counsel. Attorney Donofrio can be reached by phone at 203-239-9829 or by email at jdonofrio@cd-llp.com.

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