Water Quality

Essential to a healthy, thriving and economically vibrant community is an abundant, reliable supply of water. The South Central Connecticut Regional Water Authority (RWA) plays an important role in meeting the public water supply needs of the region. We provide high quality drinking water to almost 500,000 consumers.

RWA employs the multi-barrier approach to ensuring water quality. This approach focuses on watershed and aquifer management to protect the quality of our drinking water sources, treatment of the water prior to consumption, maintaining the distribution system which delivers the water to the tap, and monitoring the quality to assure compliance.

Our pride is built on a heritage of providing service and water quality excellence to the communities we serve. Should you have questions concerning the quality of your water, please call Customer Service at 203-562-4020. Thank you for allowing us to serve you.

How Do We Provide High-Quality Water?

We draw most of the water from a series of reservoirs. We also pump water from well fields. Before water ever reaches your tap, it goes through a multi-step process:

Protect: Our source water protection program focuses on watershed management and aquifer protection to maintain the quality of our drinking water sources.

Treatment: Ground water is naturally filtered underground. Reservoir water is treated at our filtration plants. Both ground and reservoir water are disinfected with chlorine to kill microbes that can cause illness. Fluoride is added to prevent dental cavities and phosphate to minimize corrosion of pipes.

Distribute: Finished water is delivered to customers through a network of pipes, pumping stations and storage tanks. We carefully maintain this extensive distribution system.

Monitor: We conduct thousands of tests a month in our state-certified laboratory. We collect and test samples from numerous locations throughout our distribution system, along with filtration plants as well as lakes and aquifers.

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