Management & Boards

Meet the executive leadership team ensuring that the RWA fulfills its mission to provide customers with high-quality water and services at a reasonable cost while promoting the preservation of watershed land and aquifers.

Larry L. Bingaman

President & Chief Executive Officer

Since taking the helm in 2009, Larry L. Bingaman has led the RWA through many financial and operational successes, including the development of the company’s first integrated five-year strategic plan, the achievement of the highest bond rating in the RWA’s history and establishment of new operating and productivity initiatives that have saved customers millions of dollars annually.

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Linda M. Discepolo

Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

Linda Discepolo has overall responsibility for the RWA’s financial management and performance. She previously served as Vice President of Business Planning, Development and Finance. 

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Rochelle Kowalski

Vice President of Financial Services

Rochelle Kowalski has overall responsibility for business financial planning, capital budgeting, accounting, debt management, internal controls, and rate-setting functions, as well as oversight of organizational wide purchasing. Rochelle also provides strategic financial counsel on the RWA's non-core business expansion and use of innovative financing tools such as Green Bonds.

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Beth F. Nesteriak

Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

Beth Nesteriak oversees the management across all utility operations, including distribution and field operations, field service, water quality, water treatment, laboratory services, engineering, environmental services, and non-core business strategy.

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Ted Norris

Vice President, Asset Management

Ted Norris is in charge of planning, engineering, design and construction of major facility replacements, capital improvement projects and continuing improvements to water system standards, as well as fleet vehicles and mobile equipment.

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Jeanine F. Reckdenwald

Senior Vice President of Corporate Services

Jeanine F. Reckdenwald is responsible for employee relations and engagement, training and development, environmental health, workplace safety and security. She is also responsible for oversight and implementation of all RWA policies, procedures and personnel matters and manages union issues. Additionally, Jeanine oversees the Corporate Communications Department.

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Premjith Singh

Vice President of Customer Service & Chief Information and Digital Officer

Premjith (Prem) Singh leads the RWA’s technology and digital roadmap, and oversees the Customer Service function and the development of innovative solutions to improve the customer experience. He also leads operational technology areas such as Critical National Infrastructure (CNI), cybersecurity, as well as process improvement, business transformation, strategic planning and the RWA's PipeSafe protection programs.

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