Annual Water Quality Report Shows The RWA Continues To Maintain High Water Quality Standards

Annual Water Quality Report Shows The RWA Continues To Maintain High Water Quality Standards

May 06, 2021

The RWA has issued its annual water quality report to customers in the Greater New Haven region. The Consumers’ Annual Report on Water Quality provides information about the RWA’s sources of drinking water, shows water quality test results for 2020 and contains other important information about tap water and health. Customers will receive a printed copy of the report in the mail, and it is also available on the RWA’s website, To ensure that more customers are able to access the important information within this report, the RWA has produced a version fully translated into Spanish. The English and Spanish versions of the report can be accessed by clicking here.

The RWA’s 2020 Consumers’ Annual Report on Water Quality demonstrates that the environmental services company continues to provide high-quality, reliable drinking water that meets or is better than all federal and state drinking water standards. 

“In a year where the need for reliable, high-quality water has never been more apparent, this annual report shows that customers can continue to count on the RWA,” said Larry Bingaman, RWA President and CEO. “Every member of the RWA team takes great pride in the important responsibility we have to serve the people and communities of this region, and to be there for them throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. We encourage our consumers to read the report so they can learn more about our commitment to provide them with the highest-quality water and how we protect their drinking water sources for generations to come.”

The RWA uses a multi-barrier approach to ensure water quality. This approach focuses on watershed and aquifer management to protect the quality of drinking water sources, treatment of the water prior to consumption, maintenance of the distribution system that delivers water to the tap and monitoring water quality to ensure compliance.

In 2020, the RWA collected more than 10,000 water samples and conducted over 110,000 water quality tests. The RWA collects water samples before the water is treated, during the treatment process and in the distribution system. Water quality samples are tested at the RWA’s nationally and state-certified laboratory in New Haven, which stands at the front line of the company’s efforts to provide consumers with safe drinking water. The RWA uses advanced technology that can test water samples for minute traces of contaminants and is proud to say its water is of the highest quality.

The RWA sources its waters from 10 active reservoirs and three aquifers. These source waters are located within the 27,000 acres of watershed land that the RWA owns in south central Connecticut. Environmental technicians carefully monitor and manage these lands and all activity that occurs on or around them. This environmental stewardship promotes a healthy ecosystem that helps naturally filter the RWA’s water. As a result, the RWA’s treatment plants are more efficient, allowing the RWA to provide its customers with a high-quality product that is as pure as possible.