Community Water Tank Redesign

Jun 17, 2013

NEW HAVEN, June 17, 2013 - In response to the issues expressed at the public hearings about the new Community Water Tank (CWT) located in Derby, the South Central Connecticut Regional Water Authority (RWA) has significantly redesigned its plans for the CWT.  RWA and its consultants have worked to address the safety and community issues expressed during the hearings.  The redesign includes moving the proposed CWT to a location further south on the same parcel of land and away from neighbors along Mountain Street, Emmett Avenue and Fall Street. 

The most important aspect of the redesign is safety.  The new location on the southern portion of the property eliminates construction traffic from Summit Street and the surrounding neighborhoods. The new CWT location also eliminates the need to construct a water main along narrow residential streets including Fall Street, Emmett Avenue and Eleventh Street and other utility work on Mountain Street.

As part of RWA’s continued investment in the community, we plan to purchase nearly 18 acres of land around the tank site and hope to conserve approximately 12 acres of that land as open space.  This action will ensure that there is no further development of this property and help protect its natural beauty.

RWA will mail letters to the neighbors to inform them of our new plans and will host an informational meeting with the neighborhood once our design is further along. We believe the new design addresses the concerns presented by the community and our customers and look forward to working with the City to move the CWT project forward over the next several months.