Consumer Alert: Always Ask For A Company ID

Apr 24, 2014

The South Central Connecticut Regional Water Authority (RWA) issued a reminder today to consumers to always ask for an employee identification card if someone comes to their door claiming to be from the water company. This reminder is a result two incidents where two men posed as water company employees to attempt to gain access to homes on Cloudland Road and Bowen Road in North Haven on Wednesday, April 23.

The men claimed that the water company was doing work nearby, and they needed to come in to check the water pipes. In at least one incident, the men were able to gain access to the person’s home, but it appears as though nothing has been taken.

The two men were described as white males in their 30’s or 40’s. One resident thought they might have been driving a white pickup truck. The incident is being investigated.

“Customers should be suspicious of anyone who unexpectedly comes to their door claiming to be from the Regional Water Authority requesting to check the pipes, water pressure or valves or get a water sample,” said Regional Water Authority Police Captain Paul M. Schilling. “All Regional Water Authority personnel carry an employee photo identification card and wear clothing with the Regional Water Authority logo.  If the person at your door doesn’t show you an employee identification card or give you time to examine it, do not let them in your home.”

The customer should also see a company car or truck with the Regional Water Authority logo parked outside. It is extremely rare that an RWA employee will come to a home without an appointment, but if they do, the employee will always have a company-issued photo id. If a customer has doubts, they should immediately call the Authority’s Customer Service Department at 203-562-4020 or the local police department.

Contact: Kate Powell, 203-401-2738,