Discoloration Of Water In The Lake Saltonstall Service Area Has Cleared

Jul 10, 2014

The redirection of water from one source into the Saltonstall water service area because of an electrical malfunction at the Lake Saltonstall Water Treatment Plant led to a discolored water event Tuesday, July 8th and Wednesday, July 9th. By Wednesday afternoon, the discolored water had worked its way eastward from the treatment plant and dissipated. The water now is of the same high-quality that it was prior to the discoloration event.

Discolored water is due to naturally occurring sediments that exist throughout public water systems that can be stirred up due to a change in flow in water mains.  In this case, the discolored water was due to changing the direction of the water in a water main so it was flowing in the opposite direction from usual. This change in direction stirred up the sediment in the water main. These discolored water situations typically last for only a short period or until the sediment has a chance to settle, usually less than 24 hours.  Other reasons for increased flow in a water main are a local fire, flushing of the water system, or unforeseen circumstances.

We understand the inconvenience that discolored water presents. Thank you for your patience and understanding.