Discolored Water/Low Pressure UPDATE

Jul 09, 2014


NEW HAVEN – July 9, 2014. Regional Water Authority crews and contractors were able to start up the Lake Saltonstall Water Treatment Plant yesterday evening. The plant had suffered an electrical failure and small fire in one of the pumps that takes water from Lake Saltonstall and brings it into the treatment plant. Water was diverted from other sources in order to supply water for drinking, hygiene and fire-fighting to more than 25,000 people.

Diverting water from other sources has stirred up naturally occurring sediment in the pipes and is causing the water to appear tinted. Customers may wish to review the conditions of their water before use, and may choose to use bottled water for drinking. Customers can also put water in a pitcher and let the sediment settle to the bottom, using the clear water on top for drinking. It is best to refrain from doing laundry, especially of light colored clothing, until the discoloration clears up.