RWA and Connecticut Water Donate Water Bottle Filling Stations To Madison Schools

RWA and Connecticut Water Donate Water Bottle Filling Stations To Madison Schools

Feb 16, 2021

The Regional Water Authority (RWA) and Connecticut Water are donating four water fountains equipped with touchless water bottle filling stations to Madison Public Schools and a community sports facility. The units are designed to cut down on single-use plastic bottle use and offer a safe alternative to drinking fountains during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We are incredibly grateful these two companies came together to make this generous contribution to our students and community,” said Dr. Craig Cooke, Superintendent of Madison Public Schools. “We have had to turn off our water fountains due to COVID-19 safety restrictions, but these touchless filling stations will allow our students to stay hydrated and safe.”

“We know that our service communities depend on safe, reliable water supplies and students benefit from hydration throughout the school day,” said Maureen P. Westbrook, President of Connecticut Water. “Now, more than ever, the environmental and health benefits of touchless stations for refillable bottles can help schools as they navigate the best health and safety options for students in 2021.”

“As we’ve seen during the pandemic, the need for high-quality water has never been greater,” said Larry Bingaman, President and CEO of the RWA. “With Madison being one of the RWA’s land towns, we were pleased to partner with Connecticut Water to match two of the grants and give back to the community in this meaningful, environmentally-conscious way.”

The partnership on this donation reflects the involvement of both companies in the Madison community. While Connecticut Water provides water service to more than 12,000 people in the town of Madison, the RWA owns and protects more than 27,000 acres of land in south central Connecticut, from which it sources its high-quality water supply. This includes Lake Hammonasset and Genesee in Madison, which also serve as popular hiking locations for members of the RWA's Recreation Program.

The touchless water bottle filling stations will be installed at Brown Middle School, Daniel Hand High School, Jeffrey Elementary School and Madison’s Town Campus Gym. The filling stations are being provided through a match donation from the RWA and from Connecticut Water’s School Water Bottle Filling Station Grant Program. This grant program is available to any school served by Connecticut Water. In addition to supporting the needs of Connecticut Water’s service communities, the program also aims to support the utility’s commitment to the environment by promoting the use of reusable bottles. It is part of Connecticut Water’s commitment of $120,000 annual charitable giving to support municipal and non-profit organizations in our service communities.

"Thank you to the RWA and Connecticut Water for coming together to ensure students stay hydrated and healthy," said Lawrence Ford, the parent of a Madison Public Schools student.