RWA Announces New Direction To Increase Sustainability And Better Serve Customers

Aug 20, 2018

Regional Water Authority (RWA) President and CEO Larry L. Bingaman announced changes to senior leadership that are designed to support the nonprofit corporation’s plans to drive future growth and innovation by enhancing its core business and entering into new lines of business that generate additional revenue to reduce rate increases.

Among the changes is the appointment of Jeanine F. Reckdenwald of Watertown as Senior Vice President of Employee Services. Reckdenwald has over 30 years of experience driving performance through people strategy, organizational effectiveness, learning and development. She will be responsible for strengthening the RWA’s service-oriented workforce to ensure it can better meet the ever-changing demands of its customers.

Beth F. Nesteriak of Seymour was promoted to Senior Vice President of Operations & Business Strategy, ensuring the RWA continues to innovate and grow non-core revenues while maintaining reliable and high-quality water delivery systems. Nesteriak is working to expand the RWA’s PipeSafe line of products, which customers subscribe to in order to secure low-cost, emergency repair of underground water, sewer and septic lines. Most recently, as the RWA’s Director of Business Strategy, Nesteriak led the RWA’s investment in Trifecta Ecosystems, a growing Connecticut aquaponics company.

The RWA’s business venture with Trifecta Ecosystems is part of the nonprofit corporation’s continuing efforts to identify new lines of business that generate additional revenue to reduce rate pressure on its customers. For several years, the RWA has worked with local and state elected officials, environmental groups and community organizations to make changes to the enabling legislation that governs what the RWA can do as an organization. In 2017, legislation was passed that permits the RWA to conduct and invest in appropriate non-core business activities, including agriculture, to generate income and offset future water rate increases.

Many customers are already benefitting from the RWA’s implementation of cutting-edge innovations. Over 50,000 customers have had their homes and businesses outfitted with Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI). The RWA is the first water utility in Connecticut to adopt AMI. These advanced meters wirelessly transmit accurate water use data to the RWA, nearly eliminating estimated water bills and identifying leaks early so that customers can intervene quickly, reducing water waste.

“The structural changes, new technologies and expansion of non-core revenue opportunities are early aspects of a new direction being adopted by the RWA,” said Larry L. Bingaman, RWA President & CEO. “We continue to innovate and modernize our operations and workforce to better serve our customers and continue our exciting evolution from a pick-and-shovel utility to a high-tech environmental services company focused on service, efficiency, innovation and growth.”