RWA Encourages Residents to Stay Vigilant And Safe From Scammers Posing As Utility Employees

RWA Encourages Residents to Stay Vigilant And Safe From Scammers Posing As Utility Employees

Feb 25, 2021

The Regional Water Authority’s (RWA) Police Department has received reports of an increase in criminals posing as utility employees in Connecticut to gain access to people’s homes so they can steal money or property. People can protect themselves and their families from these scams by staying vigilant and always asking for identification.

“A common tactic of these scammers is to warn of an imminent emergency or service termination and demand access to a home or payment. When someone tells you there is no time to stop and think, it’s usually the most important time to do so,” said RWA Police Captain Paul Ruggiero. “If someone contacts you or a loved one and claims to be from the RWA, always ask for identification and don’t hesitate to call our office directly and ask for verification. Never let someone in your home if you do not know them or they don’t prove their identity.”

The RWA advises its customers that if anyone comes to their door claiming to be from the RWA or any other utility, they should be able to provide identification. All RWA personnel carry an employee photo identification card, wear clothing with the RWA logo and travel in branded vehicles. The RWA does not normally go to customer homes without an appointment. When an employee asks to go inside a home, the resident typically called to initiate or schedule service. RWA employees only knock on doors to alert residents of a water emergency or major project. Homeowners should be wary of anyone who tries to collect money or offers a water test. If a customer would like to confirm an RWA employee’s identity, they can call the utility at 203-562-4020 and ask to speak with a Customer Care Representative.

Homeowners should never open their doors to an unknown person without receiving verification of their identity. RWA Police urge customers to shut the door and call 911 if someone comes to their door without warning and demands access. More advice on how to avoid utility imposters is available on the RWA’s website,