RWA In-Person Payment Area Closing In Response To Coronavirus Outbreak

Mar 17, 2020

To protect the safety of customers and employees, the Regional Water Authority (RWA) is continuing to take reasonable precautions in response to the spread of Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in Connecticut. As part of those precautions, the RWA is closing its walk-in payment and customer inquiry location in the lobby area at 90 Sargent Drive in New Haven until further notice starting tomorrow, Wednesday, March 18, 2020.

While the RWA’s walk-in payment area will be closed, customers will still be able to pay their bills in person at one of the company’s community payment locations. Payments can also be made online, over the phone or by mail. Customers can also leave a payment in the RWA’s 24/7 drop box located outside of the lobby at 90 Sargent Drive in New Haven. This closure will help minimize the risk of exposure and transmission of COVD-19 to RWA employees, further protecting the health and integrity of the company so that it can continue to provide the high-quality service that customers expect. The lobby will remain open for developers and other business partners.

Last week, the RWA announced that it halted all water service shutoffs due to nonpayment so that customers have access to water during this time of heightened need. This policy will remain in effect until April 30, 2020, at which point it will be revisited. The company has also enacted social distancing policies to help protect the health of employees and customers. Most importantly, the RWA remains confident that COVID-19 poses no risk to drinking water.

Safety is a core value of the RWA. The company prepares emergency plans and conducts trainings and simulations throughout the year for many different types of unexpected issues. The RWA has an Infectious Disease Business Continuity Plan to guide its response to outbreaks such as the one currently occurring around the world. As the situation develops, that plan and other established procedures will continue to guide the RWA’s further response to the COVID-19 outbreak to protect the health of employees and customers.