RWA Issues Water Quality Report For National Drinking Water Week

May 06, 2018

During Drinking Water Week (May 6-12), the South Central Connecticut Regional Water Authority (RWA) is issuing its annual water quality report to its consumers. The Consumers’ Annual Report on Water Quality provides information about the sources of drinking water, shows water quality test results for 2017 and contains other important information about water and health.

This annual “report card” details the quality of drinking water provided to RWA consumers during 2017. “We’re pleased to advise our consumers that our water continues to meet or is better than all state and federal standards for safe drinking water,” said Larry Bingaman, RWA President and CEO. “Long before the federal regulation that requires each water utility to provide an annual report on the quality of their drinking water, the RWA was informing its consumers about the quality of their water because we believe it’s their right to know.  We encourage our consumers to read the report so they can discover more about our commitment to provide them with the highest-quality water at the lowest possible price and how we protect their drinking water sources for generations to come.”

In 2017, the RWA collected more than 10,000 water samples and conducted over 110,000 tests. More than 80 tests are performed each day for dozens of potential contaminants and parameters that could affect the quality of tap water. The RWA collects water samples before the water is treated, during the treatment process and in the distribution system. Water quality samples are tested at the RWA’s nationally and state-certified laboratory in New Haven, which stands at the front line of the company’s efforts to provide consumers with safe drinking water. The RWA uses advanced technology that can test water samples for microscopic traces of contaminants and is proud to say its water is of the highest quality.

This week, the RWA celebrates Drinking Water Week – a national observance that highlights the value of water in everyday life. During Drinking Water Week, the RWA takes pride in reminding its consumers about the importance of protecting our sources of water and using water more efficiently, as well as the value and importance of our state’s water resources. Reliable, abundant and high-quality water is vital to Connecticut’s economy and to the public health of our citizens.