RWA Supports Environmental Initiatives Through Claire C. Bennitt Watershed Fund

May 18, 2021

The Regional Water Authority (RWA) announced today that the company’s Claire C. Bennitt Watershed Fund has awarded grants in support of environmental and educational initiatives to the New Haven Ecology Project and New Haven Urban Resources Initiative.

“These initiatives are strongly aligned with the Claire C. Bennitt Watershed Fund’s mission to protect water quality throughout the region,” said Brian M. Stone, Claire C. Bennitt Watershed Fund President. “We hope to strengthen community involvement by supporting these efforts to promote the importance of environmental awareness and protection of our water supply.”

“High-quality drinking water is a precious natural resource, and providing that resource starts with source protection,” said Larry Bingaman, President and CEO of the RWA. “Through environmental education programs, we can inspire young minds, compel them to action and work together to protect these resources for generations to come.”

The Watershed Fund awarded a $10,000 grant to the New Haven Ecology Project’s Schoolyards Program. The money will support the creation, effective use and maintenance of Common Ground High School gardens, habitats and outdoor classrooms for the next generation of environmental leaders.

Another $10,000 grant was awarded to the New Haven Urban Resources Initiative to support its GreenSkills Tree Planting and Outreach program. This program allows New Haven residents to request a free tree to be planted on their property. Trees improve water quality by serving as natural filters, protecting streams, reservoirs and other waterways. 

The RWA created The Watershed Fund in 1999, and remains a driving force behind its mission to protect water quality by acquiring watershed land and promoting environmental education. Working in partnership with municipalities, land trusts and other entities, The Watershed Fund enhances the environment and improves quality of life by protecting drinking water supplies and threatened watershed lands. The education programs and scholarships supported by The Watershed Fund provide future leaders with the tools they need to preserve and protect open space and drinking water supply resources.