Some RWA Customers May Experience Temporarily Discolored Water Due To Heat Wave

Jul 05, 2019

Due to the high temperatures this week causing a significant increase in water use, some Regional Water Authority (RWA) consumers may be experiencing temporarily discolored water.

Temporarily discolored water comes from naturally occurring minerals in the water that collect in the pipes and are stirred up following an activity that disturbs the direction or rate of flow of water in the water main.

While temporarily discolored water is safe for most people, it may look unappealing, and it is recommended that consumers wait until it clears before drinking it or showering. Additionally, consumers experiencing discolored water are advised to:

  • Avoid doing laundry. Discolored water can sometimes stain fabrics. Wait until water runs clear at the tap before using a washing machine, and then wash a load of dark clothes first.
  • Discolored water should clear on it its own, but to help the situation if water is lightly discolored, run a cold water faucet located at the highest point in the house, such as a second floor bathtub, for five to 10 minutes to clear out internal plumbing. If the water remains discolored or is dark, contact the RWA at 203-562-4020 or email
  • Report any opened fire hydrants to the police and fire department. In addition to being a safety hazard and lowering water pressure available for firefighters, open hydrants can lead to temporarily discolored water.
  • As always, the RWA recommends that customers use water wisely. Non-critical water use and lawn watering can be shifted to the early morning or later in the evening. Driveways, walks and patios can be cleaned with a broom, not a hose. For other tips on using water wisely, customers are encouraged to visit the RWA’s website at: