Telephone Scam Targeting Laundromats

Jul 23, 2015

NEW HAVEN, July 23, 2015 - The South Central Connecticut Regional Water Authority (RWA) received two calls on Thursday from owners of laundromats who received calls from a person claiming to be with the water company and threatening to shut off their water service unless the customer made an immediate payment at a payment location or Wal-Mart through an express payment to “waterdept/net.stend.” These telephone scammers take advantage of the confusion generated by surprise and use pressure tactics.

The RWA will never use threatening tactics to demand a customer make an immediate payment at Wal-Mart or any other location. If someone calls threatening to cut off your service if you don’t pay, hang up. This is a scam. Call the RWA at 203-562-4020 or your local police department to report it.