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Sep 24, 2015

United Way Best Company Leadership Award

Rita DelVasto and Alicia Lorello accepted this award on behalf of the RWA at the United Way kick off event.

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Sep 23, 2015

South Central Connecticut Regional Water Authority Applauded with Utility of the Year Award

New Haven, Conn. (Sept. 23, 2015) – Larry Bingaman, president and CEO of South Central Connecticut Regional Water Authority (RWA), announced that the RWA was recently honored with New England Water Works Association’s (NEWWA) Utility of the Year Award in the large size utility category. This award furthers the RWA’s goal to become the best in class as a provider of an abundant and reliable supply of water, which is essential to a healthy, thriving and economically vibrant community.

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Sep 22, 2015

NEWWA Award - Utility of the Year 2015

New England Water Works Association honored us with the Utility of the Year award. It is given in recognition of making significant improvement to water system infrastructure, customer service, staff training and operations. Jim Flynn, VP of Operations, accepted this award on behalf of the RWA.

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Sep 19, 2015

Hydration on the Q-Bridge

RWAter to GO! kept people hydrated with clean fresh tap water on the Pearl Harbor Memorial Bridge grand opening and walking celebration. The hydration station has 8 bubblers and 8 spouts to fill your reusable water bottle, and has a doggy bowl for your four legged friends too. Check out these photos on our Facebook page...

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Jul 29, 2015

Multiple Scam Attempts Over Past Two Weeks

NEW HAVEN, July 29, 2015 - The South Central Connecticut Regional Water Authority (RWA) is asking area residents to be suspicious if someone comes to their door claiming to be from the water company and wanting to enter their home. The Regional Water Authority makes appointments with residents if the company needs to enter a home.

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Jul 29, 2015

Discolored Water Being Reported In Hamden

The Regional Water Authority is receiving reports of discolored water from areas in Hamden. Water in your home can become discolored when there is an increased demand for water from the public water system. The discoloration is from naturally occurring sediment in the water mains being stirred up because of the higher flow of water through the mains than usual. Reasons for increased flow can be due to a local fire, flushing or our water system to maintain water quality or due to a high demand for water on a hot day, such as today.

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Jul 23, 2015

Telephone Scam Targeting Laundromats

NEW HAVEN, July 23, 2015 - The South Central Connecticut Regional Water Authority (RWA) received two calls on Thursday from owners of laundromats who received calls from a person claiming to be with the water company and threatening to shut off their water service unless the customer made an immediate payment at a payment location or Wal-Mart through an express payment to “waterdept/net.stend.” These telephone scammers take advantage of the confusion generated by surprise and use pressure tactics.

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Jul 17, 2015

Consumer Alert: Always Ask for an ID

NEW HAVEN, July 17, 2015 - The South Central Connecticut Regional Water Authority (RWA) issued a reminder today to consumers to always ask for an employee identification card if someone comes to their door claiming to be from the water company. This reminder is a result of two incidents where a man or men posed as water company employees to attempt to gain access to homes in West Haven on Wednesday, July 15 and Friday, July 17. The men claimed that the residents had leaks and that they needed to come into the home to check the faucets. The residents did not let the men into their homes.

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Jun 29, 2015

An Eel, A CrayFish - And Maybe A Career

Markeshia Ricks, New Haven Independent journalist, spent the day with the teens and the some RWA staff including our CEO. She observed the ten students from Common Ground High School that participated in our summer camp, also known as Water Boot Camp, as they searched for invertebrates in the Mill River.

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Jun 18, 2015

RWA Issues Latest Water Quality Report

You drink it. Wash the dishes with it. Cook with it. Bathe in it. It’s there every time you turn on the faucet. But what do you really know about your tap water? Do you know where it comes from? How it is protected? Or what’s in it?

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